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The innovative alternative to traditional western chaps




Contemporary CHAMP PANTS are the perfect combination of our comfortable, 2-way stretch Traditional or Sleek and Stylish CHAMP PANTS with the professional look of western suede chaps. Our new style features a microsuede western riding pant with a stretch seat, leg and waist band, belt loops for your western belt, front zipper and spring snaps, conchos, half knee patches, spur slots, heel straps, and hidden Velcro tabs. 

Contemporary CHAMP PANTS colors


Most exhibitors are not aware that in almost all Western classes, chaps and spurs are optional

Traditional chaps are often bulky, hot, ill fitting and generally unflattering unless they are custom made. Some custom chaps can range from $400 to $2,000 

CHAMP PANTS are the much needed and anxiously awaited innovative alternative to traditional Western chaps! 

CHAMP PANTS are sleek, classy Western riding show pants made for comfort and style 

CHAMP PANTS combine the comfort, style and polished professional look of a classy business slack with the beautiful leg lengthening look of traditional shotgun chaps


Design and Comfort

Shotgun style Western riding pants constructed of a heavy weight, double knit polyester blend and mirco suede. These materials are becoming the popular material of choice in high end business suits as well as making its way onto the runway in designer clothing lines. It is very durable as well as wrinkle, fade and crease resistant. In addition, CHAMP PANTS are comfortable and have plenty of stretch for mounting and dismounting your horse

CHAMP PANTS are available in every size, small or large. Our standard sizes range from waist measurement 24-48 inches. If our standard sizes are not a perfect fit, you can Custom Size Your CHAMP PANTS. Custom size CHAMP PANTS will be the exact measurements provided by the customer.  Please measure carefully and properly, custom sizes are non returnable. 

CHAMP PANTS come in two different styles, Traditional and Sleek and Stylish.  
Traditional CHAMP PANTS include fanny and leg fringe. This style gives the perfect look of a pair of custom, well-fitted chaps for any western event in the show ring. 



Our Sleek and Stylish CHAMP PANTS are fringe-less with the shotgun design.  Sleek and Stylish CHAMP PANTS give the same look as the Traditional CHAMP PANTS but with a professional slack like appearance.  This style is perfect for Western Dressage or for anyone who prefers no fringe.

Waist Band

The clean professional look includes 2 inch belt loops to accommodate 
your Western belt. CHAMP PANTS design includes a rear waist band rise for a clean horizontal line while in the sitting position. Spring snaps and zipper make bathroom breaks a breeze. Don't be fooled by imitations, look for the Windsong logo on your CHAMP PANTS. 

Full  Leg Fringe

Our traditional
sport a full leg fringe that includes a flattering fanny fringe

*Sleek and Stylish CHAMP PANTS 
do not
have fringe*

Full Fanny Fringe with single concho


All CHAMP PANTS come with one pair of your choice of 
Shiny Scallop Edge Conchos or Shiny Silver Pico Berry Conchos.  All conchos are removable and interchangeable.  Upgrade your plain conchos to any of our Crystal Conchos. 

Covered Conchos

Knee Patches

A Micro Suede knee patch strategically placed to provide extra stability and
grip while mounted. Upgrade your knee patches to a full suede seat for an additional charge

Spur Slot

CHAMP PANTS have a discrete 3 inch spur slot centered at the back of the heel that allows the use of your spurs while maintaining a clean professional look. We have also added a heel strap to the top of the spur slot to help keep your pants in the proper position. 

Velcro Tabs

We have added a Velcro tab on the inside of the lower leg and behind the leg fringe. The Velcro tabs allow you to keep your CHAMP PANTS off the ground when not mounted.  Drop your lower pant leg down after you mount and quickly secure them up before you dismount without the assistance of a groom.

Traditional and Sleek and Stylish CHAMP PANTS  colors

CHAMP PANTS are constructed of a heavy weight, 2-way stretch, Polyester blend fabric

All fabrics are rich, bright and vibrant 
Colors vary depending on your screen settings
please contact us to request a color swatch










Cocoa Brown




Royal Blue

Navy Blue


Heather Gray


Dark Brown





Deep Purple


Volcano Gray


CHAMP PANTS are strategically designed to look best while in the correct western seat position. See below for a detailed description of proper western equitation. 

  • Head: The head is level, eyes looking ahead.

  • Shoulders: Both shoulders are square, relaxed and even. Be careful that the left shoulder doesn’t move higher than the right or twist forward as a result of holding the reins in the left hand.

  • Back: The upper back should be flat, sitting tall in the saddle. The lower back should be relaxed and flexing with the horse’s movements.

  • Lower Body: Sit deep in the center of the seat of the saddle, not back on the cantle. Keep your hip in line with your shoulder and the back of your heel

    • Legs and Feet: Stirrup length is important. When standing up in the stirrups with your heels lower than your toes and your knees slightly bent, there should be a space about 2 1/2 to 3 inches (a hand’s width) between the buttocks and the saddle.  The knees and thighs are rolled in so that the flat part of the knee is against the saddle. There is light contact with the horse on the inside of the calves. Ankles are flexed so the heels are lower than the toes. Only the balls of the feet are in the stirrups.

CHAMP PANTS Care Instructions

Hand Wash Only with Cold Water


Line Dry or Flat Dry 

Cool Iron If Needed


Remove Conchos Before Washing

Wash Gently If Your CHAMP PANTS Have Crystal Upgrades

For best results hang your CHAMP PANTS on a hanger to store