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Measurements and Sizing Chart

Below is our size charts for our available standard sizes

How To Measure for Sizing

please measure accurately for proper fit

A) Waist - measure at the height you will wear your CHAMP PANTS
B) Abdomen - measure about 5 (five) inches below from waist measurement 
C) Hip - measure fullest point of your buttocks
D) Thigh - measure 2 (two) inches below crotch 
E) Knee - measure around your knee
F) Calf - with your western boots on, measure around the fullest part of the calf
G) Instep - with your western boots on, measure on angle shown
H) Inseam - measure with your western boots on from your crotch to the floor
I) Crotch Length - hold tape on the center of your back where your waist measurement was taken, run tape between your legs and to where waist measurement was taken in front
J) Crotch Depth - sit on a chair, measure from chair to where waist measurement was taken on your side as shown

If your size is not listed, please visit our Custom Order Your CHAMP PANTS page for information on how to measure yourself and order your perfectly fitting pair of CHAMP PANTS.  Plus Sizes over a 48 inch waist must be custom.